Connie Sanchez

Connie Sanchez is currently the Executive Director at Unity Charter School. She is a collaborative educational leader who leads the staff in curriculum development, implementation and revision, ensuring that teaching methods support core curriculum requirements and meet the ecological and sustainability mission of the school. Additionally, she currently works to promote the unique mission and vision of Unity Charter School which includes to teach the importance of protecting and improving the environment by educating students on the principles of sustainability, ecology, and diversity in a way that celebrates and honors this planet and all its inhabitants. As the executive director her goals are to create eco-literate citizens who understand that humans are part of an interdependent planet, and who are prepared to contribute to the health of our planet and its inhabitants.

Prior to her career in education,, Connie was a National Training Officer and a National Development Officer with Smith Barney where she did curriculum development and implementation for financial advisors and worked with managers and subject matter experts across the country, developing professional development. She is trained in adult development and effective in developing and delivering adult training programs that are engaging and effective. Connie is an avid traveler and nature enthusiast.