Carmen Gandulla

Finance Director, City of Jersey City

Carmen Gandulla was appointed to her current position by Mayor Steven Fulop in April 2022, she is not only the first female but also the first Puerto Rican to assume this influential role in the city. Carmen brings a wealth of financial management expertise gained from her extensive background in the private sector. Her tenure as Finance Director has been instrumental in ensuring financial stability and driving progress for the betterment of all Jersey City, NJ residents.

Before assuming her role as Finance Director, Carmen Gandulla served as the Director of the Division of Community Development for the City of Jersey City, a position she held since 2014. In this capacity, she effectively managed a multitude of federal grants, totaling approximately $100 million, including grants such as Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS (HOWPA), CDBG, CSBG, HOME, and ESG, spanning fiscal years 2014-2024. Her remarkable leadership extended to overseeing the city's CARES ACT and American Rescue Plan funds.

Carmen has also made significant contributions at the municipal level, serving as the Chairperson for the Affordable Housing Trust Fund Review Committee, where she administered funds dedicated to the development and preservation of affordable housing units. Within the County of Hudson, she played a crucial role on the Alliance to End Homelessness and Homelessness Trust Fund Executive Board.

In 2017, Carmen was appointed to the Board of the National Community Development Association for Region 2. 

Notably, she also served as Co-Chair of the Tech Committee, focused on enhancing technological platforms within the NCDA, while keeping abreast of HUD changes and updates. Her dedication and expertise in the field of community development were recognized by the Housing & Community Development Network of New Jersey, where she received an award as a "Rising Leader." 

In 2023, the National Community Development Association awarded her the Community Development Service Award for her commitment on helping the association and her nationwide peers.

Carmen Gandulla’s esteemed journey in the Jersey City community began in 2008 when she considered it her cherished home. With a solid foundation of experience in the private sector, specifically in banking and finance at JP Morgan Chase, she brought valuable insights to her role as the first Hispanic Community Development Director during her tenure. Carmen adeptly managed grants at the federal, state, and local levels, leveraging her expertise to drive impactful community initiatives and foster growth in the city.

Additionally, Carmen serves as a statewide Puerto Rican Commissioner, actively advocating for interconnectivity and creating better opportunities for Puerto Ricans residing in New Jersey and on the island. Her unwavering dedication to inclusivity and the pursuit of equitable opportunities has earned her immense respect and admiration from the community she represents.

Driven by a passion for public service and a deep-rooted commitment to the community, Carmen Gandulla has dedicated her career to making a positive impact.

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