Young Latina Leadership Scholarship

The LUPE Fund Board is proud to announce the 2020 Young Latina Leadership Scholarship Winners! As higher education costs continue to soar and more families are struggling financially during these difficult times, LUPE Fund's role is even more critical to the community in which we serve. We are proud to announce that for the ninth year in a row, we will award six scholarships to the following outstanding young Latina students:

  • Amarilis Rodriguez from SHU - Zulima V. Farber, Esq. Scholarship
  • Viridiana Martinez from Rutgers - Gilda Morales Scholarship
  • Sherley Nunez from TCNJ - Ana Jaramillo Scholarship
  • Claudia Romani from SHU - Livin Medina Scholarship
  • Celin Hidalgo from Rutgers - Comcast Scholarship
  • Maria Del Cielo from St. Peters U - Comcast Scholarship
  • Giovanna Castaneda from Rutgers - Comcast Scholarship

This year was a very competitive selection process as we received close to 100 applications and many of them were deserving of a scholarship. Congratulations to the winners and we send our sincere gratitude to our donors. We could not do this work without their kindness and generosity!