Welcome to LUPE

January 19, 2023 

Dear LUPE Members and Friends:

Just a few days into 2023, LUPE Fund made history! On January 9th, we were invited to ring the opening bell on the New York Stock Exchange in honr of LUPE's 20 years of service. What an exciting way to start the year for all of us at LUPE!  

It was an unbelievable and beautiful sight to see our board members on the world stage, standing together, in unity. Within those few minutes in the spotlight, we showed the world what a group of Latinas can accomlish and that nothing will stand in our way. We are grateful to the LUPE members, family and friends who were able to join us at the stock exchange on that special day. 

Our mission is simple - to educate, empower, and engage Latinas to promote leadership and civic engagement - an important mission because it's about time that Latinas gain true equality and become leaders in all sectors. 

LUPE's signature programs will continue this year: 

  • The Latina Leadership Scholarship, founded in 2011, will open soon. To date, we have awarded nearly $100,000 in scholarships to deserving young women. 
  • During the first week of June, we invite you to celebrate our 20th anniversary during our annual LUPE Power of Women Awards (LUPE POW) where we will honor Latina leaders and trailblazers.
  • In October, we will once again feature Elección Latina - a nonpartisan civic engagement program where we will discuss issues that affect voters and encourage Latinas to run for office and other leadership positions.
  • LUPE's Mentorship Program is brand new but it's making a real positive difference in the lives of young high school students. 

These programs are only available because of your support, partnership and presence and LUPE Fund would not exist without its dedicated donors, members and volunteers. 

I have the privilege of serving another year as president of LUPE and I'm glad to work alongside women who are making this world a better place. I am thankful for the board members and founders who established this organization 20 years ago. I look forward to working together to celebrate our 20 years of service in 2023.

Iveth P. Mosquera, MPA

President, LUPE Fund, Inc.