WeAreAllHuman.org - Hispanic Recovery Plan

75 years ago, President Franklin D. Roosevelt commissioned an official Spanish version of the National Anthem, a version particularly relevant today representing Hispanic Americans.

As US Hispanics are disproportionately affected by COVID-19, let’s take action together to support recovery.

Dear Hispanic Star Ambassadors,

In 1945, President Roosevelt commissioned an official Spanish language version of the U.S. National Anthem (el Pendón Estrellado). No one knows about it because we have never used it. In a newly-recorded rendition, we are reviving this unknown version of the National Anthem to recognize the 75th anniversary of President Roosevelt’s death and also because it is now more relevant than ever before. [VIDEO HERE]

This official version takes on a whole new meaning today. Hispanics represent a fundamental American community that are often not seen, heard or valued. They are 100% Hispanic and simultaneously 100% American. They believe in the American dream and are incredible contributors to this country.This Spanish version of the National Anthem is an US official manifestation of this co-existing reality at the hearts and in the patriotism of the Hispanic community.

But in this current global pandemic, Hispanics are disproportionately affected by the negative impact of COVID-19, both at the heath and economic levels. In this time of crisis, we need to recognize that we cannot overcome this alone. We hope this Spanish language version will celebrate the good being done by Hispanics on the front lines of this pandemic, and that all Americans will come together, supporting one another during this very challenging time in our country’s history.

We hope you can consider amplifying this revitalized official version of the national anthem with your networks. Here you can find the social media toolkit to customize and share. And again, the video link to share!

We need collective action to generate fast and effective recovery. We don’t win until we all win.

Helping Hispanics helps America.