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During these difficult times, we know that many families, businesses and organizations like ours are struggling financially and emotionally. LUPE Fund remains committed to helping the community through scholarships, advocacy, and educational seminars. 

Federal Reserve Board expands its Main Street Lending Program to allow more small and medium-sized businesses to be able to receive support

The Board lowered the minimum loan amount, raised the maximum loan limit, adjusted the principal repayment schedule to begin after two years, and extended the term to five years, providing borrowers with greater flexibility in repaying the loans. The Board expects the Main Street program to be open for lender registration soon and to be actively buying loans shortly afterwards.

LUPE Fund Scholarship Extension 2020

Dear Amiga,

Due to COVID-19, we would like to inform you that our 2020 Young Latina Leadership Scholarship deadline was extended. Annually, LUPE Fund, Inc., offers scholarships to young Latinas who exemplify leadership within their university and community, while maintaining academic achievement. These scholarships have helped many Latinas to continue to pursue higher education and we will continue our mission through these difficult times.

BLS COVID-19 Questions and Answers

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), in coordination with agencies across the federal government, continues to monitor the impacts of the COVID-19 virus, also known as novel coronavirus.

Mental and Behavioral Health - Hispanics

Poverty level affects mental health status. Hispanics living below the poverty level, as compared to Hispanics over twice the poverty level, are over twice as likely to report psychological distress.

New Due Date for the 2020 Young Latina Leadership Scholarship

Due to COVID-19, LUPE Fund's new Scholarship deadline is now July 19, 2020.

COVID-19 Resources For Individuals Who Are Undocumented or Uninsured

The State of New Jersey is focused on ensuring that all people, regardless of immigration status and/or whether or not they have health insurance, are protected from the outbreak and receive appropriate testing and treatment. - Hispanic Recovery Plan

75 years ago, President Franklin D. Roosevelt commissioned an official Spanish version of the National Anthem, a version particularly relevant today representing Hispanic Americans.

As US Hispanics are disproportionately affected by COVID-19, let’s take action together to support recovery.